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    We care about people living and operating safer in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with information and communications technology in government, in public life, in business life and at home.


    Technologies we bring to market on behalf of our alliance partners include those listed below:

    • Mobile Broadband Kits are ruggedised, portable internet and networking kits. Already in wide use across US federal and state government organisations including the US Army, FBI, DHS FEMA to name a few, and in use with US Special Forces.

    • EchoPTT is a multicast/unicast push to talk application for Android mobile phones, supporting end to end encrypted and unencrypted communications and compatible with many radio systems used by emergency services, law enforcement and military organisations.

    • OriusDF is a wifi-direction finding device, which can locate wifi-enabled devices and can shut down wifi service on targetted and located devices (such as wifi video feeds on security cameras and drones). Solid use cases exist for law enforcement, military and corrections agencies.

    • ESD Cryptophone mobile and deskphone technologies are premium end to end encrypted phone systems, which work straight out of the box and also on private server deployment. Customers choose Cryptophone for encrypting unclassified communications. The US military uses the Cryptophone deskphone for no fly zone deconfliction with allies and partners.

    • ESD Overwatch detects and geolocates fake cellular base stations using a network of field-sensors deployed city, country or worldwide within cellular coverage and where ever your entity or organisation is operating. It also detects GPS spoofing and cell jamming. Solid use cases exist for national security, military, law enforcement, customs/border force organisations.

    • ESD Oversight is an SS7/Diameter vulnerability mitigation systems solution for cellular telecommunications carriers to mitigate risks of remote attacks against cellular-connected devices and infrastructure, plus mitigate fraud carried out against carriers and their customers.

    • SecureSafe is an end to end encrypted data and password safe, and data sharing application. It is primarily cloud-based, but can also be deployed in hybrid and private server instances.

    • Tutanota is an end to end encrypted cloud-based email application.


    Aitchison Reid Consulting Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Redland City, Queensland. Our principal and director is Riley T Reid.