Principal Consultant


Riley T. Reid


Tena koutou katoa. Ko Tuhoe raua ko Te Arawa oku iwi, ko Ngati Koura raua ko Ngati Whakaue oku hapu, ko Riley T Reid taku ingoa. Hello, my name is Riley T Reid. I am Director of Aitchison Reid Consulting, a Queensland based information security & risk management consultancy for government, business and private clients across Aotearoa, Australia and the South Pacific. I am in the business of helping people live and operate safer in government, in public life, in business life and at home. I also own a Queensland law practice and a tech-startup.

If you're wanting to get in touch and if you're sensitive about your communications privacy, send me an encrypted email from a Tutanota email account, message/call me on encrypted communications service Wire, or call my Cryptophones from yours. From a email account, email me at making sure the Confidential button is activated and showing green before you send. From a account, connect with me using my @rileytreidarc Wire handle and message or call me. My Cryptophone mobile is +807 3159 8166.

If you're not sensitive about your communications privacy, call me on my mobile +61 487 388 436 or send me an unencrypted email at

What I do cuts across industries, it's not limited to nor constrained by any one industry. I've chosen "Executive Office" as my Industry categorisation for my profile on LinkedIn, it's perhaps because it's broad enough to cover what I do and care about.

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