Cryptophone - The market's most secure mobile phone

Cryptophone protects calls, SMS and data.


Voice encryption is secured end-to-end on voice over IP over any network (GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, WLAN) using AES256 and Twofish, a 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange with a SHA256 hash function.


Encryption keys are destroyed as soon as the call ends.


Secure messaging is based on the same encryption used for voice.

Source code for Cryptophone is available for independent security assessments so that Cryptophone owners can be assured the code is free of backdoors, free of key escrow and free of centralised or operator owned key generation.

Cryptophone's Android operating system is hardened, built from source code by GSMK Cryptophone with granular security management and streamlined, security optimised components and communication stacks.

Baseband firewall 2.0 on Cryptophone provides unique protection:

  • constant monitoring of baseband processor activity to mitigate over-the-air attacks;

  • baseband attack detection and initiation of countermeasures;

  • detection of attempts to track the user's location via SS7 or silent SMS;

  • detection of IMSI catchers and their attempts to force down to 2G, deactivation of encryption, jamming and other cellular interference.

Cryptophone's hardware module controller and permission enforcement module controls access to network, data and sensors (camera, microphone, etc) keeping you in control of your individual or enterprise security policies and requirements.


The encrypted storage system on Cryptophone protects your contacts, messages and notes data at rest against unauthorised access.

Cryptophone mobile phones, desk phones and satellite phones can be used to protect private individuals, business, corporates and enterprise, and government organisations.


Aitchison Reid Consulting Pty Ltd is ESD America's authorised reseller of ESD Overwatch (detection and geolocation of IMSI catchers) and ESD/GSMK Cryptophone (encrypted phones).


Contact Aitchison Reid Consulting Pty Ltd anytime to place an order, to request more information or to arrange a private, confidential, encrypted and secure conversation about your encrypted phone requirements.

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