Facebook - Android OS access

Facebook app access on an Android phone is as requested, as shown in "App ops" in CP500i phone. With CP500i, you can choose to set app access to Ignore or Random if for example you don't want your Contacts read or modified by Facebook. The vid shows screen shots of the Google Play message pre-install and App ops after install.

Blackboxed apps with app-appointed access to any areas of users' phones coupled with blackboxed Android OS implementations across stock phones (which prevent users from approving/declining granular levels of app access) equals a sum total of vendor disdain and contempt toward users' rights to choose what they will and wont tolerate or use on their phones. Replace Android OS with IOS for same conclusion.

For the record, with the LinkedIn app on my CP500i for example, I make sure it has no access to my Contacts. I don't use Facebook on my CP500i; I deleted the app after grabbing the screenshots for the vid.

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