US Government Customer Using Overwatch to Hunt IMSI Catchers

Overwatch IMSI catcher detection system

Our partners ESD America announced on 20 January 2017:

"ESD was awarded a contract to hunt IMSI Catchers for a U.S. Government customer. The use of IMSI Catchers on US soil by foreign governments and agents is illegal.

Until Overwatch there was no accurate way to locate IMSI Catchers without physically seeing them.

The Overwatch system has been proven to detect both active and some so-called passive IMSI Catcher systems. ESD America is proud of the technology and our selection to provide this important national security solution."

Though the names of the US Government customer and others cannot be disclosed, we can share that the United Nations HQ in New York also uses the Overwatch system.

Through our partnership with ESD America, ARC Solutions/Aitchison Reid Consulting Pty Ltd is THE authorised reseller of the Overwatch system to government and private sector clients across Aotearoa, Fiji and Solomon Islands.

Overwatch can be purchased and deployed as a subscription service (Overwatch as a Service) and as a fully client-owned and managed system (Overwatch Pro).

For enquiries and interest, contact us anytime at

References to ESD's announcement:

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